class litestar.middleware.rate_limit.CacheObject#

Bases: object

Representation of a cached object’s metadata.

__init__(history: list[int], reset: int) None#
class litestar.middleware.rate_limit.RateLimitConfig#

Bases: object

Configuration for RateLimitMiddleware

rate_limit: tuple[DurationUnit, int]#

A tuple containing a time unit (second, minute, hour, day) and quantity, e.g. (“day”, 1) or (“minute”, 5).

exclude: str | list[str] | None = None#

A pattern or list of patterns to skip in the rate limiting middleware.

exclude_opt_key: str | None = None#

An identifier to use on routes to disable rate limiting for a particular route.

check_throttle_handler: Callable[[Request[Any, Any, Any]], SyncOrAsyncUnion[bool]] | None = None#

Handler callable that receives the request instance, returning a boolean dictating whether or not the request should be checked for rate limiting.


The middleware class to use.

alias of RateLimitMiddleware

set_rate_limit_headers: bool = True#

Boolean dictating whether to set the rate limit headers on the response.

rate_limit_policy_header_key: str = 'RateLimit-Policy'#

Key to use for the rate limit policy header.

__init__(rate_limit: tuple[DurationUnit, int], exclude: str | list[str] | None = None, exclude_opt_key: str | None = None, check_throttle_handler: Callable[[Request[Any, Any, Any]], SyncOrAsyncUnion[bool]] | None = None, middleware_class: type[RateLimitMiddleware] = <class 'litestar.middleware.rate_limit.RateLimitMiddleware'>, set_rate_limit_headers: bool = True, rate_limit_policy_header_key: str = 'RateLimit-Policy', rate_limit_remaining_header_key: str = 'RateLimit-Remaining', rate_limit_reset_header_key: str = 'RateLimit-Reset', rate_limit_limit_header_key: str = 'RateLimit-Limit', store: str = 'rate_limit') None#
rate_limit_remaining_header_key: str = 'RateLimit-Remaining'#

Key to use for the rate limit remaining header.

rate_limit_reset_header_key: str = 'RateLimit-Reset'#

Key to use for the rate limit reset header.

rate_limit_limit_header_key: str = 'RateLimit-Limit'#

Key to use for the rate limit limit header.

store: str = 'rate_limit'#

Name of the Store to use

property middleware: DefineMiddleware#

Use this property to insert the config into a middleware list on one of the application layers.


from litestar import Litestar, Request, get
from litestar.middleware.rate_limit import RateLimitConfig

# limit to 10 requests per minute, excluding the schema path
throttle_config = RateLimitConfig(rate_limit=("minute", 10), exclude=["/schema"])

def my_handler(request: Request) -> None: ...

app = Litestar(route_handlers=[my_handler], middleware=[throttle_config.middleware])

An instance of DefineMiddleware including self as the config kwarg value.

get_store_from_app(app: Litestar) Store#

Get the store defined in store from an Litestar instance.

class litestar.middleware.rate_limit.RateLimitMiddleware#

Bases: AbstractMiddleware

Rate-limiting middleware.

__init__(app: ASGIApp, config: RateLimitConfig) None#

Initialize RateLimitMiddleware.

  • app – The next ASGI app to call.

  • config – An instance of RateLimitConfig.

create_send_wrapper(send: Send, cache_object: CacheObject) Send#

Create a send function that wraps the original send to inject response headers.

  • send – The ASGI send function.

  • cache_object – A StorageObject instance.


Send wrapper callable.

cache_key_from_request(request: Request[Any, Any, Any]) str#

Get a cache-key from a Request


request – A Request instance.


A cache key.

async retrieve_cached_history(key: str, store: Store) CacheObject#

Retrieve a list of time stamps for the given duration unit.


An CacheObject.

async set_cached_history(key: str, cache_object: CacheObject, store: Store) None#

Store history extended with the current timestamp in cache.



async should_check_request(request: Request[Any, Any, Any]) bool#

Return a boolean indicating if a request should be checked for rate limiting.


request – A Request instance.


Boolean dictating whether the request should be checked for rate-limiting.

create_response_headers(cache_object: CacheObject) dict[str, str]#

Create ratelimit response headers.


  • see the IETF RateLimit draft <https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-httpapi-ratelimit-headers/>_


cache_object – A CacheObject.


A dict of http headers.


alias of Literal[‘second’, ‘minute’, ‘hour’, ‘day’]