class litestar.logging.standard.LoggingQueueListener#

Bases: QueueListener

Custom QueueListener which starts and stops the listening process.

__init__(queue: Queue[LogRecord], *handlers: Handler, respect_handler_level: bool = False) None#

Initialize LoggingQueueListener.

  • queue – The queue to send messages to

  • *handlers – A list of handlers which will handle entries placed on the queue

  • respect_handler_level – If respect_handler_level is True, a handler’s level is respected (compared with the level for the message) when deciding whether to pass messages to that handler

class litestar.logging.standard.QueueListenerHandler#

Bases: QueueHandler

Configure queue listener and handler to support non-blocking logging configuration.


This handler doesn’t work with Python >= 3.12 and logging.config.dictConfig. It might be deprecated in the future. Please use logging.QueueHandler instead.

__init__(handlers: list[Any] | None = None) None#

Initialize QueueListenerHandler.


handlers – Optional ‘ConvertingList’